What can we do for you?

Here at Carew Concrete and Supply, there isn't much that takes us by surprise anymore. After being around over 40 years, we have seen almost everything. Don't be afraid to contact us for your next project, we will be able to get it done.
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Concrete Deliveries

Carew Concrete has trucks for any size customer order. By using a GPS tracking system we successfully keep our trucks on schedule, ensuring that your concrete will always reach you on time.

Carew’s concrete deliveries:

  • Utilize an in-house fleet of over 150 vehicles
  • Keep up with continual customer demand
  • Can deliver as much or as little concrete as you need
Photo 2 from the Clover View Dairy Manure Pit Project

Specialty Pours & Mix Designs

Carew Concrete has unmatched experience when it comes to successfully accomplishing a 70-hour continuous pour with no flaws. Coordinating a continuous pour takes careful planning and a lot of concrete know-how. Meetings are scheduled in advance to ensure that every detail is covered. Everything from keeping a consistent mix at a consistent temperature, along with perfectly timed deliveries is very crucial to the success of a continuous pour.

Some things we specialize in include:

  • Large Pours
  • Color Pours
  • ICF Housing
  • Mix Designs

Be sure to check out our numerous Design Awards